FBOY Matte Hair Wax

R 140.00

Fboy Matte Clay hair wax by Steilko provides an all natural holding power. This product keeps volume and shape in your hair without stickiness, greasiness or hardness. The natural, soft yet stylish outcome that our product delivers makes it a competitor to world class products yet at a fraction of the price. The “fresh” fragrance of the product keeps your hair smelling clean and scented the entire day will holding any style of your choice.

Brand Story:

The “gel” era faded away, hair wax became the new star. As many different types of hair waxes came into the market, some worked really well and others didn’t really work at all. The “less effective” hair wax made their way onto the big retailers shelves while the good stuff was hidden in certain salons but at a very high price!

As religious hair wax users, Steilko developed a premium quality matte clay hair wax, competing with the top brands and products in the world at an affordable price.


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        Origin of product and manufacturer:

        Steilko is a South African brand and takes ethical sourcing and manufacturing of their products very seriously. Taking great pride in delivering quality, durable and tested products to the end user. Their passion shows in their commitment to the local economy. 

        Made in South Africa 

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