Free shipping in SA on orders over R800
Free shipping in SA on orders over R800

Surf Travel Necessities

Planning that dream surf trip? Get properly kitted with travel gear and surf accessories!

We have handpicked these surf accessories after giving them our nod of approval on numerous surf trips both locally in SA, Maldives, Indo and Sri Lanka.

For any surf trip you need the basics:

TRAVEL BAG:  Clothing, toiletries, towels, diving gear, sunblock, wax, leashes, slops, caps, rashguards and boardies.

BACKPACK: This is where you will keep all your important stuff while in transit. Passport, Visa documents, Laptop, mobile phone, wallet, a fresh shirt. This will double up as an exploration pack once you have reached your destination.

LEASHES: In most cases it's best to take a backup leash. We recommend 2 x 6mm LEASHES, 1 x 7mm just in case it gets 10 foot plus and a 5mm comp leash for those really small days where you want to minimise drag.

BOARD BAGS AND SOCK: Each board needs a board sock and we highly recommend the Super Traveller board bag for up to 3 boards without fins or the Twig Traveller for 4 boards. 

FINS: For a good set of all-round fins we recommend the AM2 Techflex. 

Happy shopping! Remember all purchases over R800 get free delivery!