Pineapple Deer Factory Socks

R 150.00

Pineapple Sock:

In Hawaii, pineapples are used to make wine. European explorers named them "pineapples" because they thought they looked like pinecones. And, most interestingly of all, pineapples look awesome on these fun men's socks! Now stick these on your feet so we can live pineapple-y ever after!

"Made with the adventurous sock lover in mind, our mission is to create unique socks that inspire boldness and confidence no matter what your day may bring!" -The Deer Factory


Size Suggestions & Description:


One size fits all. 

Fabric & Construction:

75% combed cotton

22% polyester

3% elastane

100% fun

Origin of Product:

The Deer Factory is a 100% South African innovative sock brand which offers subscription based monthly sock delivery to your doorstep.

Dead Reckoning partnered up with founder Almero Oosthuizen to become the exclusive once off distributor of individual Deer Factory limited designs.  

Want socks delivered to your doorstep once a month? Click HERE.

The Deer Factory

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