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Social Responsibility - Salty Hour

 Salty Hour

What is Salty Hour?

September 2015, DeadReck founder Jono Bruton and brand ambassador Tyrell Johnson got together in an attempt to figure out the most effective way to contribute to their local community. Both being avid surfers, the Salty Hour concept quickly materialised. The concept is and will remain simple. 1 Hour a week (usually Saturday's from 4pm to 5pm) any experienced local surfers who want to give back to the community meet down at Gonubie Beach where they will offer their experience and skills to anyone that would like to learn to surf. Salty Hour is completely free and no payment or reward is received / accepted by any persons involved unless through sponsorships for equipment.

Dead Reckoning and Salty Hour together?

Dead Reckoning is not just another clothing brand. We take great pride in being 100% South African from the formation of the brand, the design and manufacturing right through to the end product. One of Dead Reckoning's core principles is to make a difference by giving back to and uplifting local individuals and communities as a collective.

"If you want to make a difference you need to start in your own home." - Jono Bruton

Dead Reckoning being an East London / Gonubie born brand, this is exactly where they will start. 

How does Dead Reckoning Support Salty Hour?

Dead Reckoning (alongside other generous sponsors) donate a portion of their income to securing safe equipment (surfboards) for beginner surfers to use during Salty Hour. It is also important that the Salty Hour message reaches as many people as possible in order to spread the stoke and therefore Dead Reckoning will be providing the platform from which Salty Hour can reach out to the community through regular blog posts, notifications and event creation to make sure nobody misses out. 

You can find Salty Hour on Facebook where events are posted, on Instagram and to stay in the loop, we strongly suggest you hit the SUBSCRIBE button below for email notifications of events.

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