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The Salty Drop

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The Salty Drop:

Made from Embossed CORDURA® Nylon blend with waterproof coating. The Salt Drop was developed by envisaging the brand's roots of diversity and the need for the item considering our DeadReckCrew multiple disciplined athletes. 

This waterproof drawstring bag can hold approximately 15 Litres and has a built in changing-matt which ideally suits surfers as a wetsuit bag (preventing damage to wetsuits). The changing matt is also perfectly suited for public fitness centres where prevention of athlete's foot and other contractible foot diseases need to be avoided. The matt allows for you not to have to stand on infected surfaces when changing. 

Once changed into our out of your kit it's as simple as stepping off the matt and lifting the bag by the string which will contract the opening and seal your apparel in a waterproof tear drop. Mission accomplished. 


  • Exceptional abrasion resistance – 4 times that of a comparable weighted competitor's product.
  • Based on CORDURA ® NYCO fabric technology - 45 years of proven military performance.
  • Brings with it the heritage of proven performance in many of the world’s toughest environments.
  • Manufactured from start to finish in East London, South Africa.

Size Recommendations:

One size fits all.


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