Tie Downs Steel Clamp

R 205.00

Massive airs are awesome BUT not when your board is doing them alone on the highway at 120km/h. 

Don't be a doos, tie your boards down safely and securely with these Hurricane steel clamp tie downs. 


2 x 5m Steel Tie-Downs, Military Grade Webbing.


This product is drop-shipped by Dead Reckoning and as a result we do not carry stock of this item in our warehouse, please allow for 5-10 ETA on this item. We will endeavour to get this item to you before that. 

Dead Reckoning responsible for delivering this product to your doorstep and will keep you updated throughout the process once the item is on it's way. 

Origin of product and manufacturer:

This product is manufactured in South African under the Hurricane brand name. Hurricane takes ethical sourcing and manufacturing very seriously and take great pride in delivering quality, durable and tested products to the end user. Their passion shows in their commitment to the local economy. 

Made in South Africa 

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