Carved Legacy Tee

R 385.00

Turning heads in the water

Dive deep into the annals of history with Dead Reckoning's Carved Legacy Tee, where the grandeur of ancient Rome collides with contemporary surf culture. Made from 100% premium cotton, this white shirt boasts the distinctive Dead Reckoning wordmark on the chest, signaling quality and authenticity. On the reverse, a Grecian-inspired bust speaks to age-old craftsmanship, its half-missing face echoing the raw beauty of a masterful carve on the waves. The twist? He's echoing a surfer's compliment: "Sick carve ma'bru," seamlessly blending time-honored artistry with the camaraderie and jest of today's surfing world. Perfect for those who appreciate the deeper stories behind every design, this tee pays homage to both the mighty empires of old and the unending passion of modern wave-riders.

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