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Salty Hour originated in Gonubie, East London, in 2016 when two friends decided to dedicate an hour of their time to sharing the stoke of surfing with anyone and everyone who wanted to learn. Dead Reckoning, has been an integral part of the Salty Hour journey and Salty Hour has found it's home through the lifestyle brand which promotes charitable behaviour through community enablement. 

While there are many surf schools around the country, these are often costly and usually are for people who want to take their surfing seriously. Expectations are also high and, most of the time, the fun is lost in the whole exchange. 

Salty Hour breaks the entry barrier of surfing when it comes to money. Salty Hour tries its best to provide the equipment needed for surfing for the hour that it is run. This is often done by either corporate sponsorships or surfboards of the surfers who partake in assisting. 

The ethos of Salty Hour is to keep the sessions as informal as possible, to just be there for anyone who has wanted to try surfing but has no idea where to start. We provide that Salty companionship, to be in the water with them, to give a tip or two on how to overcome the challenges, whether it be simply just standing for the first time or even fear of the ocean. 

We are not surf instructors. We are surfers with years of experience that would like to share our knowledge freely with others. We do not accept any kind of reimbursement for our time, we simply want participants to firstly respect the ocean, respect the lifestyle of surfing and also to be courteous in listening and learning from the surfers who give up an hour of their time to help and assist. 

Salty Hour now runs in Gonubie, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

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Salty Hour Instagram

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Contact Numbers: 

Each of the organisers of the the events in their respective cities can be reached telephonically, generally there is a whatsapp group for each city, so feel free to request to join these groups to stay up to speed alternatively keep an eye on the Facebook page where we publicise the events and when they will be taking place. 


Port Elizabeth (Mervyn Goddard) : 083 655 6925

Cape Town (Brett Sanderson) : 079 108 5952


Jono Bruton founder of Salty Hour

East London (Jono Bruton) : 081 025 9533