The Black Flag Collection

In The Crew We Trust

Dead Reckoning, ded, DR - a South African Brand

Dead Reckoning is a navigational term used by sailors before the days of GPS and radars. Used also by pilots, Dead Reckoning  - is the process of calculating one's current position by using a previously determined position, or fix, and advancing that position based upon known or estimated speeds over elapsed time and course.

Today only the most experienced and dedicated sailors know how to use Dead Reckoning.

The link to the ocean and the obvious analogy of applying Dead Reckoning to our lives forged our Brand name.

In one's own life, it is often important to have a fixed position, a core, from where you can advance. Life is a journey and there is only one final destination - It is how we get there and the things we do in-between that counts. By applying Dead Reckoning to our lives we can achieve more than just wander, lost at sea.

The ocean makes up more than 70% of the earths surface and plays a major part in all of our lives, past, present and future.

The Black Flag Collection is an ode to the privateers of the ocean, this vast and unforgiving place, in a time long before the vanity of Instagram. Real men and women with a fire in their hearts and a cause they believed in; loved, laughed, fought and died - living each day as if it were their last. Something that has been forgotten in today's age. 

Dead Reckoning, The story, The Black Flag Collection  

Inspiration for The Black Flag Collection

The hull shattered and the mast broke. No fresh water. The crew are ridden with scurvy and dying from dehydration. This ship will sail no more. The days of privateering the civilized world, over.

Exhausted - you tell yourself the most honorable thing to do is to quit - to bury the flag that was your once your empire - forget the sea and walk inland without stopping until your oar is mistaken for a shovel - maybe then you will find peace, maybe then you will forget... who you are, who you were meant to be...

From the darkness rises a feeling that sends a chill up your spine - it's not over, not while you still draw breath. Now is not the time for honorable men - now is the time to drag yourself through the dirt - to castaway the opinions of others... bury your pride.

Extraordinary men are not defined by their failures, they are defined by one thing and one thing only, their relentless pursuit of success - great men never give up this pursuit - they don't know how.


The Theme of the Collection

Historical pirate flags have been re-drawn by hand in our own style. Black Beard, Wynne Emanual and Black Bart (legends who have inspired numerous stories through the ages) were three of the flags we have re-worked and hand printed onto our garments. Each item includes the story of the pirate printed on the inside of the neck.



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